About Us

MiPasa is a multi-cloud data modeling and analytics platform.

With MiPasa users and teams of any size can run code and models, risk-manage and trade from anywhere, using just a browser (desktop, tablet, mobile phone) - without worrying about the infrastructure.

Our focus is on financial modeling, risk-management and data-driven, AI-first, decision making using both on-chain and off-chain data, with automation and secure sharing capabilities.

Risk Management

Our risk management tools are like having a trusted financial advisor at your fingertips. It uses advanced predictive models to help you predict potential risks and smartly reorganize your investments for better decision-making. It allows you to protect your investments and manage uncertain times with confidence.
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Machine Learning, AI, Optimization

Machine Learning and AI tools are your go-to resources for optimizing financial strategies. They employ advanced parameter estimation techniques, enhancing the precision of your financial models. These tools bring the power of AI and machine learning within easy reach, enabling you to achieve more favorable financial outcomes.
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Testing and Verification

The Testing and Verification suite provides a set of reliable tools to ensure the reliability and accuracy of your models and strategies, allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence. Stay ahead of the curve with a comprehensive toolkit that ensures your data-driven insights are always dependable.
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