Data analytics, modeling and collaboration - the web3 way.

A powerful data modeling and analytics platform for data scientists, researchers and teams to create, collaborate, and publish verifiable data-powered models, reports, and insights.

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Reimagine what MiPasa
data & models can do for you

Model effortlessly

Instantly build, test, analyze, visualize, collaborate, iterate, and publish world-class data-powered models and insights using our intuitive browser environment.

Make better decisions

Discover and access a huge repository of the freshest, most trustworthy,
pre-optimized, multi-source data and code sources with our built-in tool.

Collaborate responsibly

Co-develop models, reports, & insights with others. Share & publish your “creations”, empowering collaborators, to discover, converse, run, collaborate, clone, modify & enhance them, all while keeping complete control.

Manage multiple versions

Keep multiple revisions and versions
of your code. Run or modify previous model versions and let MiPasa keep all relevant data sources and model versions organized.

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Trust. Verify.

The MiPasa
Advantages & Benefits

Don’t trust, verify

Analyse data flows, track data and model changes, replay models from a specific previous version and much more with our powerful analysis tools.

Browser based

We hate installing software, just like you. Don’t worry about dependencies, backup or security. Just log in to and get the work done.

Enhanced collaboration

Collaboration is hard. We make it easier. Create or join a Team, manage access, and don’t worry about version history: see who updated a notebook, and get back in time if needed.


Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile or even TV? We got you covered. MiPasa has been designed from the ground up as a device-agnostic platform, so you don't have to worry about your hardware.


Welcome to the web3 economy! Sell your datasets, your models or your insights.

Deep community

Data science is better together! Get feedback, comment, vote and clone notebooks, nurture and engage your community directly on MiPasa.

Scalable. Responsible. Enterprise Grade.


Our built-in powerful lineage tools and graphs allow you to verify and analyze the access, versions and usage of your data, models, and insights in the finest granularity.

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Control & Govern your assets

Make sure your digital assets are always in the right hands. Easily set policies and rules that control who can discover, access, see, use, run, clone, embed, reference and any other action related to your data, code, and insights.

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Models that go back and forward in time

Replay your models from a specific point in time or previous versions, maintaining data and model integrity. Reproduce model outcome and track data and model changes that led to the point in time / version you are inspecting.

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The Unbounded™ Family

Streamline data prep, transformation, and enrichment tasks with our powerful, intuitive workflows so you could focus on modeling and uncovering insights.

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